Nesbit Consulting offers an array of services to meet your business and event management needs, including:


Business Writing & Documents Management

Need help developing a business idea? Or researching, and writing your business plan? We offer business writing services: Mission/Vision statements, business letters, capability statements, grant writing.

We can even help you identify a document filing system that is suitable for your organization. We’ll design a system that fits your lifestyle, personality and needs.



Business Operations/Management

It’s difficult to do business in today’s fast-paced world. Starting a business, securing personnel and resources to get the job done, creating the right relationships to execute your plan profitably can seem overwhelming, at times. But not to fear: You are not alone in this venture. Nesbit Consulting will use the best available resources to encourage sound, responsible business decision-making for your organization on your way towards sustainable success.,





Desktop Publishing

Seems like everyone wants to design an app for all of their event publicity needs. Sometimes they work; but is it the most effective way of reaching your audience in all situations? Let’s talk about it.

Design and printing services are available: Banquet booklets, mailers, flyers, posters. Call for a quote.





Conference Planning and Coordination

We work with you to bring your vision, your event to life. Coordination services are an option if you’ve already planned the occasion and simply don’t want to spend the time you should be with your guests tending to details. We’ll take care of that.

It’s your event. You should be able to breathe easy. All it takes is one call.



Public Relations & Marketing

Nesbit Consulting knows that creating “buzz” is essential for success in business, as well as in personal branding. Our marketing services will help design a plan that suits your personality, purpose, and your purse! Then we’ll help you select promotional materials that further drive the message home.

Press releases and more.

Oops! Did we forget to mention we’re also an authorized Kaeser & Blair dealer? Call or email for more information on what that means for you.

Contact us at: 1-888-514-4967