Do I really NEED a consultant?

Seriously. You’ve got a great idea. Now what?  Or you may be wondering what is the most efficient way to get the word out about your new product offering. How do you communicate to your customers about an upcoming change in management without alarming them and subsequently scaring them away?

It’s not easy running your own business. Anyone can tell you that. And there’s no shortage of folks trying to tell you what you need to do. Most times what you really want, however, is someone to show you HOW to do what you need to do – not just tell you. Teach a man to fish, and all.

Of course you can try to – on your own – look up things on Google, or read books, or attend workshops intended to back-fill all of your learning gaps in running your organization but there’s just so much going it alone that a person can do before one hits a wall. None of us can do it all, so we must take an inventory of our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities – not only to our businesses but to our selves.

The first rule in running your own company is to know thyself. Be realistic about what you do and do not know; what you can and cannot do; what you do and do not like doing. Chances are that in those areas you don’t particularly care for, there is likely someone else who does enjoy these tasks and could probably do it get it done without creating too much discomfort for you (in the form of lost time and unnecessary frustration). It’s a little thing we call outsourcing and as a basic concept, folks have been bartering for years – since the beginning of humanity, as a matter of fact.

This is where Nesbit Consulting comes in. We subscribe to the belief that the only way for your business to have a fighting chance to eat another day is for us to equip you with the resources and modeled behavior to foster success later on. Our approach is rooted in our years of experience working with small business owners and non-profit organization managers who all echoed the same sentiment: I don’t want to pay someone to just tell me what I need to do; I need help actually getting it done! Nesbit Consulting is more than just a business advisor; we partner with you to ensure that you are afforded the benefit of having tools that will help you be successful in communicating with your intended audience.

In the end, only you can answer the question about whether or not you are ready to explore the option of employing the services of a consultant. However, if you know you need help, at least be knowledgeable about what the consultant can provide for you. Your future success depends on it.


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